Officially on {MATERNITY} Leave / St. Louis Family Photographer

I am officially on {MATERNITY} leave. Baby boy #2 isn't due till the first of December, but I am just not able to run, roll & move around like I need to do at photo sessions with little ones. I have a few more sessions this month that were previously scheduled and then I will be resting up in preparation for our newest addition.

I hope everyone has a {WONDERFUL} holiday season & I'll be back in Spring 2014!


Insert {BABY} Here

Our newest addition now has a room to come home to! I'm still finishing up a few things; like adding book ledges behind the glider & finish backing the book shelves with vintage maps. Other than that, Marshall Stone will be perfectly content in this colorful vintage {TRAVEL} inspired nursery!

This nursery is full of handmade & {VINTAGE} itemsHandmade crib skirt, orange & white herringbone rug from Urban Outfitters, hot air balloon mobile, handmade "Explore" string art, travel inspired prints, lovely changing table decor complete with a {CLOUD} pillow & garland from Revamped Art, a collection of vintage globes & a vintage suitcase adorn the top of the bookshelf, rattan & taffeta light, taffeta black & white stripped curtains, "Live with Passion" screen print embroidery hoop art from Sweet Harvey & a squeaky monkey toy that Chandler picked out for his brother, gold polka dot sheets & changing table pad from Land of Nod & the gallery wall is outfitted with prints from MKKM Designs a handmade barn wood hanger made with barn wood from our family farm & a gold silhouette of Chandler in an embroidery hoop. Once Marshall gets here, I will take his photo to go in the fun frame at the top. 

Enjoy! I know baby Marshall will :)


A {PATTY CAKE} Announcement

We have an {EXCITING} announcement . . . We'll be adding another baby boy to our family in the beginning of December!!

As we prepare for the arrival of our new addition I will be making some changes to my session schedule. Since the baby will be arriving in the midst of the {HOLIDAY} season, I plan to be on maternity leave from November 1, 2013 till the end of March 2014. Also, my upcoming fall mini session marathon will be tentative, based on how myself & the baby are feeling.

Baby Boy {1} is Turning {3}

Chandler is in a {HILARIOUS} stage of his life. He makes his mom & dad laugh every single day. Along with hilarity comes {TEARS} . . . this is also an emotional time in his life when he is trying to demand independence and reject {BEDTIME}.

  • Chandler {SPEAKS} very well. He likes to tell {STORIES}, mainly when mom and/or dad are trying to have a conversation with someone else. 
  • His favorite toys are his {TRUCKS} and Matchbox cars. Anytime we go somewhere, Chandler cannot wait to get home to play with them. He lines them all up, then moves them, then lines them all up in a different spot.  
  • His favorite thing to watch on TV is Vimeo videos of trucks driving through {MUD}. 
  • He has a new found {LOVE} of mud, puddle jumping in the rain & making dust in dirt & rocks. 
  • He can drive his battery operated four-wheeler {EXCEPTIONALLY} well and even drives golf carts. 
  • His {FAVORITE} books are "Chicka-chicka Boom-boom", "Little Blue Truck Leads the Way" & "Goodnight Moon". 
  • His {FAVORITE} bedtime story is a story that his Daddy tells him about a four-wheeler that gets stuck in the mud. 
  • He makes funny {EXPRESSIONS} all the time . . . I swear that he could have a career as an actor, he even fake cries & then goes to look in the mirror to see if it is {CONVINCING} enough! Really!?!
  • He is just now starting to get {SCARED} by things like the dark, being left alone in a room and strangers. 
  • He {LOVES} to go to Starbucks with mommy. Not because of the quality time that we get to spend together but because they have {CAKE POPS}!! 

He is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his baby brother, Marshall, although I am not sure if he really {UNDERSTANDS}. He likes to talk about the things that they will do together. He also likes to boss him around by telling him not to {KICK} mommy.